Adrian Jaworski, RPN, ACTRA


Adrian is a registered practical nurse and has a decade of experience working in the film and entertainment industry.  As a former Assistant Director in the DGC combined with his medical knowledge, Adrian was able to excel when both skillsets were required during these uncertain times.
Adrian immediately took his unique skillset into the frontlines when the pandemic hit the entire world and helped several productions to safely start up again.


Kelsi Mayne, RN, BScN

Chief Medical Director

Throughout her 9 year career as a Registered Nurse, Kelsi's passion for the entertainment industry never faded. As a singer-songwriter and actress, Kelsi's extreme work ethic has led her to some of Canada's biggest stages like Boots and Hearts, Rogers Hometown Hockey and film festivals across the globe. Now, Kelsi is using her multifaceted skillsets as our Chief Medical Director, Kelsi oversees all of our nursing practice, results and helps to inform and guide our productions with her expertise and caring hand.

Nurse with Protective Mask

Barbara Szeman, DGC, CMPA


Uniquely creative, Barbara's passion for filmmaking informs her affinity for leading-edge technologies, such as the use of high-tech drones, state-of-the-art VFX, and most recently, utilizing UV-C technology in the fight against COVID virus transmission on set. Barbara is a respected member of the DGC (Director’s Guild of Canada), which has been adversely affected by the current pandemic. Now, she is determined to become part of the solution by utilizing her film industry contacts to secure sterilization contracts and make film production safe again for her friends and colleagues.

Female Doctor

Danielle O'toole, M.D. CCFP M.H.Sc.

Pulsar UV Licensed Physician

Dr. Danielle O’Toole oversees all of Pulsar UV's Diagnostic testing. She is a graduate of McMaster University where she received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Mathematics and then completed medical school and a Masters in Health Science.


Corey Mayne, Filmmaker

CFO, Director

Corey is an industry VFX artist from Sony Imageworks and Pixar. In 2017, he incorporated his own Toronto-based production company, Formido Films Inc., with long-time collaborator and producer, Barbara Szeman. Their award-winning adaptation of Stephen King’s original ghost story "Willa" was the first of many exciting, ambitious projects they had slated to produce under that banner, but all production has been halted since the pandemic started. Luckily, Corey’s experience owning and operating Formido Films Inc. has proven invaluable while starting up Pulsar UV.